A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The first level of Rollin is out! The ultimate mixture of Sonic Unleased And Parts of Super Mario! Roll around, Jump on them baddies and have fun in this game beta.

Find some fun ramps so roll up! Roll at Mach Speed (if you can) ! And mess around with the engine!

P.S - The Full Game Will Be Out Soon ! ! ! 

Anyways, Have Fun!!!

-New Heights Team

Install instructions

Windows: UnZip The File And Click The Little Icon That Says Rollin. Don't Delete Any Files!!

Mac; Same As Windows, Unzip And Click !


Rollin Beta Update 1.1 Windows 181 MB
Rollin Beta Update 1.1 Mac OS X 186 MB

Development log


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Morning DEV,

I had a quick play while drinking my second coffee of the day but you might want to look into the start button, I had great difficulty in getting it to highlight or click but once I got going i was pleasntly surprised . The graphics are neat and that soundtrack is just awesome and as for the ball, I had to have a double look because I thought he was wearing a pair of boots but it turned out to be me. I'm still a little sleep.

Here's the short vid I did. I couldn;t get the start button to click near the end so I'm sorry it's really short.




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Thank you for sharing your feedback with me!  Currently I am working on an update  that fixes these bugs.  When I’m done with it I will find other bugs in the beta and polish it up.  Thanks for the feedback!

- Manny

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Hello! Make Sure to Comment for feedback!